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Our Educational Philosophy

How do young children learn?

1. Self-Discovery and being involved in the process - Activities should be hands-on to engage the child to understand and discover how, what, and why own their own. 
2. Through personal experience - Children have to experience things in order to learn from them. The more experiences provided for the child, the greater their sponge of knowledge will grow. 
3. Trial and Error - Let the child figure it out on their own!!! Help them when needed. If a mistake occurs, help them figure out ways to correct it or learn from it; NEVER solve it for them! 
4. Modeling - Showing children what to do, what you want them to do, and how to do something FIRST before letting them try it on their own influences their learning. It’s like when big people have to read directions; understanding before proceeding with the task always helps!!!
5. Through their senses - Seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting influences development because it allows children to discover things through internal and external stimulus. 
6. Developmental milestones - Every child learns at their own pace. There are certain milestones we would like for them to reach dependent on the age and appropriateness. Knowing what those are and providing activities to meet those milestones provides goals and achievement for children to feel good about their learning and take ownership as well.

How do children prosper in their environment?

1. Positivity
2. Organization; through structure and routines
3. Engagement; by doing and experiencing
4. Attentiveness by caregiver
5. Interaction; both socially and independently