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Curriculum Design
Each daily lesson is integrated so that all of the focus areas of child development are continuously being addressed and taught.  Our curriculum is not designed to focus on one subject area one time each day, and it is not designed as rote learning.  Instead, providing activities daily in a variety of ways to integrate all of these developmental areas of learning simultaneously.  We believe that learning integration is important for developing the whole child and life-long learners.  

Curriculum is designed according to:
* The developmental appropriateness of specific age ranges of children.
* Milestones the child is already able to, or begins to be able to, meet.
* The engagement each lesson activity provides for interactive learning to occur between caregiver and child.
* How relevant the lesson is towards the child's age and attention span.  Lesson activities are designed to be short and age-appropriate in length according to each age range. This provides for learning to really "sink-in and stick."
* The focus to connect with, or build upon, the child's prior knowledge.

Curriculum is accessed:
* Every weekday, for every month, all year long.
* Monday-Friday daily lesson plans per age range of your child (1 year to 5 years).
* Through our online web portal: Click on links to access and view daily lessons and resources at your convenience.
* By paid membership only. Join today!

We are an online curriculum for paid members. All of the benefits of technological use and resources are available through this membership subscription, or after purchasing content from our online SHOP that is coming soon!