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Curriculum Components
eTeachingMe Curriculum is based on an Integrated Curriculum Model.  Our curriculum model is geared towards ages 1 year to 5 years.  Our audience is intended for the busy, stay-at-home parents, babysitters, nannies, or any early childhood educator who values "Making Time Meaningful Again" with their child(ren).  Our focus is to educate the whole-child.  At each age range, our curriculum is designed to provide a different monthly calendar with developmentally appropriate lesson plan activities geared towards that ages specific learning potential.

Lesson plan components include:
Daily objectives
Materials needed
Procedures to follow
Milestones to meet
Self-Evaluation of effectiveness

Content areas include:  Science, Reading, Writing, Math, Art/Creativity, Music, Social Studies, Language Development

Whole-child developmental areas include:  Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Character, and Adaptive Life-Skills

Bible Bubbles:  This is another part of our curriculum design, which includes a monthly Bible-based lesson plan.  Each week there is a Bible scripture focus with coordinating activities for our Christian audiences.  

* We also provide hundreds of other educational resources, printables, and curriculum resource plans in our online SHOP.